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RightSpec® Commercial Water Heater Sizing
Dormitory/Group Housing
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     Vent Type:
If this application includes a Restaurant or Food Service, Bradford White Corporation strongly recommends Power Direct Vent or Direct Vent water heaters if negative air pressure is present in the building.
     Ultra Low NOx Installation?:
     Cold Water Temp:
     Stored Temp:
     Shower Heads:
     Pre-Existing Storage (Gallons):
     Intentional Oversize Percent:
     No. of Water Heaters:
     No. of Storage Tanks:
     Storage Tank Style:
     Storage Tank Capacity (Gallons):
     Job Name:
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     Lavatory Sinks:
     Mop Sinks:
     Other GPH (at Stored Temp):
Enter the number of whirlpools (if any) and capacity for each model below
Quantity Capacity (Gallons)
     1st Whirlpool Model:         
     2nd Whirlpool Model (if applicable):         
     3rd Whirlpool Model (if applicable):         
Enter the number of washing machines and capacity for each model below
Quantity Capacity (Pounds) *
     1st Washer Model:         
     2nd Washer Model (if applicable):         
     3rd Washer Model (if applicable):         
     * The typical mid-size residential washing machine has an average load capacity of 11 pounds while commercial
        models range anywhere from 15 pounds up to 50 pounds.
Enter Dishwasher Requirements below
     1st Dishwasher Model - Quantity:
     Model Number:
     Dishwasher GPH:
     Temp Required:
     2nd Dishwasher Model (if applicable) - Quantity:
     Model Number:
     Dishwasher GPH:
     Temp Required:
Enter the number of each below
     Utensil Washers - Single Rack:   *
     Utensil Washers - Double Rack:   *
     Silver Washers:   *
     Single Pot Sinks:
     Double Pot Sinks:
     Triple Pot Sinks:
     Vegetable/Prep Sinks:
     Hand Sinks:
     Bar Sinks:
     Other Hot Water Requirements @ 140°F:
     Other Hot Water Requirements @ 180°F:   *
*   Requires 180°F Stored Temp - Stored Temperature will be changed automatically on Submit if required
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