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Everhot® Tankless Water Heaters
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  • Enter both the total number of showers, body sprays, and whirlpool tubs and the maximum number of showers,  body sprays, and whirlpool tubs that will be in use at the same time.
  • Flow rates shown are typical. To override a suggested flow rate, select the current value, delete it, and enter your actual flow rate.
Total Fixtures Maximum Fixtures
in Use at the Same Time
Flow Rate (GPM)
Each Fixture
          Number of Standard Showers:  
          Number of Body Sprays:  
          Number of Whirlpool Tubs:  
  • If a dishwasher, washing machine, and/or kitchen sink will be using hot water at the same time as showers or baths, select 'Yes' in the appropriate dropdowns below. Adjust flow rates as necessary.
          Simultaneous Hand Dishwashing or Dishwasher use?:  
          Simultaneous Washing Machine use?:  
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