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RightSpec® Commercial Water Heater Sizing
Food Service/Restaurant
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Bradford White Corporation strongly recommends Power Direct Vent or Direct Vent water heaters for Food Service/Restaurant applications that have negative air pressure present in the building.
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     Cold Water Temp:
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Enter Dishwasher Requirements below
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     Temp Required:
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     Dishwasher GPH:
     Temp Required:
Enter the number of each below
     Utensil Washers - Single Rack:   *
     Utensil Washers - Double Rack:   *
     Silver Washers:   *
     Single Pot Sinks:
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     Triple Pot Sinks:
     Vegetable/Prep Sinks:
     Hand Sinks:
     Bar Sinks:
     Lavatory Sinks:
     Mop Sinks:
     Other Hot Water Requirements @ 140°F:
     Other Hot Water Requirements @ 180°F:   *
*   Requires 180°F Stored Temp - Stored Temperature will be changed automatically on Submit if required
Enter the number of washing machines and capacity for each model below
Quantity Capacity (Pounds) *
     1st Washer Model:         
     2nd Washer Model (if applicable):         
     3rd Washer Model (if applicable):         
     * The typical mid-size residential washing machine has an average load capacity of 11 pounds while commercial
        models range anywhere from 15 pounds up to 50 pounds.
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